6 Benefits of washing your clothes with Surf excel Matic Liquid

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Using the right laundry detergent in your washing machine is not only essential for your clothes, but also goes a long way in your machine’s maintenance. Read on to find out the benefits of using Surf excel Matic Liquid while doing your laundry.

If you’ve been using any bucket-wash detergent in your washing machine, you’ve been doing your laundry all wrong.  The Surf excel Matic Liquid, available in Top Load and Front Load variants, is specially designed to be used inside your machine. Even the most stubborn stains can be removed with three easy steps:

1) Pour the liquid on the stain
2) Rub with the scrubber cap
3) Pour the remaining liquid in the machine

Here’s how Surf excel Matic Liquid works on your dirty laundry and your machine.

1. Too much or too little lather hampers the washing process inside the machine.  Surf excel Matic Liquid generates just the right amount of suds for effective wash.

2. Surf excel Matic Liquid is designed in a way that there is better dissolution. Hence, the detergent is evenly distributed in the machine, reaching all clothes.

3. Surf excel Matic Liquid is tough on stains and gentle on the clothes. There’s no need to hand-wash stubborn stains anymore. The liquid takes care of it in the machine!

4. You needn’t worry about your hands while pouring and rubbing the liquid on the stains. Surf excel Matic Liquid is very gentle on the skin, unlike other detergents.

5. Detergents often tend to fade the colour of clothes after repeated washes. Surf excel Matic Liquid offers colour care, thus extending the life of your clothes.  

6. With its superior fragrance, Surf excel Matic Liquid will give you clean and fresh-smelling laundry.