Advantages of Java Programming Language Users Lists

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Java - “Just another virtual accelerator” came into existence over few years ago. James Gosling was the first person to create java in 2008. Then, later on was designed and developed by Sun Microsystems.

Java is nothing but the extension of C++ programming language.  It is a general purpose and also a strongly typed programming language.  When compared to high level languages like C and C++, java provides more unique features. Let us have a look on how java is more beneficial.

1. Easy to Learn

Since java is a high level language, it basically includes all the English alphabets. That is, it is user-friendly.  It is also called as a simple language because one can learn it easily when compared to other languages. Java is not only very easy to learn, but also very easy to read, write, compile and debug. One of the unique features of java is that, it automatically allocates the memory location which is not there in other programming languages.

2. Platform Independent

Java was designed mainly for this purpose. Java has a unique feature called “Byte Code”, which basically allows you to run the programs even on other computers. If you have Java Virtual Machine installed on other computers, you can do wonders with it. And also, you can easily run your programs anywhere and at anytime. That is why java is called as WORA – “Write once and Run anywhere”.

3.  Java is Multi-threaded

In C and C++, you need to first call the object specific procedures in order to run multiple threads at a time - which is a time consuming task. This is the main reason why java was developed. Java supports an exclusive feature called multi-threading. Multi-threading is an ability to perform several tasks simultaneously within the program. This feature has been integrated very smoothly and effectively in java.

4.  Robust

Earlier in C and C++, only compiler was doing the job of checking the errors. But in java, there are three major parts that has been integrated to improve the security and robustness of the programs. The three major parts are

  • Compiler – used to compile and to check the bugs during the program execution.
  • Interpreter – This is one of the best features provided by java, where each line is interpreted and checked for finding the bugs.
  • Run time environment - Java includes all the necessary software’s, environmental variables etc., to provide resources for the processes running in the system.

5. Security

Java is the first programming language that is to be developed, keeping all the security concerns in the mind. Java has JVM (Java Virtual Machine) an interpreter, which is installed on each side of the client machine. JVM detects all the errors present in the program very quickly. It plays a major role in taking care of the security issues. Thus, we can say that java is more secure than any other programming language. 

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