Choosing the best nannies

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Every parent finds it hard to choose between nannies and it is a challenge no matter what. It implies leaving your child in the hands of someone else, even if it is just for a couple of hours. Parents don’t even know where to begin the search and what suits their needs better. Luckily, there are agencies that have the right caregivers to recommend and they will assist in the process.

Nannies who have experience and references are highly preferred. Parents usually trust them more, because they know they have dealt with children before and know what to do in many situations. From the beginning, it is best to have a few candidates to choose from and afterwards, once you discuss with them, you can decide on just a couple. Taking the final decision should be done after reaching their references and after meeting them in person. Interviews have to be conducted to see who you are dealing with and how they are in person. What matters to you the most? Do you prefer candidates that have a lot of experience and value discipline or are you into finding a very compassionate and loving nanny?

When you meet the candidates in person, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as possible. This is the chance to get to know the most important aspects about them. Ask how they react in certain situations, for example when children have a tantrum, when they refuse to eat or go to sleep, how they like to organize their day, their activities, what games they play with children, what books they like to read to the little ones and more. The answers will certainly open your eyes about caregivers and compared with your expectations and preferences, you will eventually be able to decide upon the right nanny.

There are several types of candidates that want to be nannies. Some dedicate some of their time for the job, being available only in the afternoon or in the weekends, while others work full-time and even live with the family. Such a caregiver is known as a live-in nanny and they bring a lot of benefits and topics in discussion. They will be around for any situation and they will care for the child from morning to night. Families that have a house big enough and who work a lot, not being able to pick their kids from daycare or school, should look into such a nanny. At least you know your child is in good hands and they will be well taken care of.

Finding someone you can trust is not always easy, especially if you are a first-time parent and don’t even know what matters in the selection process. To assist in such cases are agencies, professionals that screen candidates and can make recommendations based on your needs and budget. It is a lot more convenient, as in such a manner you know for sure that all candidates are eligible and they have good references that you can always test.

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