Decrease the Risk of Birth Defects in Baby – Importnace of Genetic Screening Mapping

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A woman, before and during pregnancy, is found worrying about the potential risk of any health complication that may result in birth defects and passing of genetic disorders and genetic diseases. She and her spouse look for certain tests and genetic screening process that can provide them information about the potential birth defects and genetic diseases so that they can take the right step to prevent their babies from them. For a number of birth defects, you as a concerned parent can decrease your risk by taking certain essential steps. Screening genetic diseases and disorders through a simple blood sample and saliva sample is the vital and first essential step to take. Some of other certain steps include:

·         Looking for doctors or healthcare experts prior to become pregnant or for the duration of carrying pregnancy

·         Essential to know the risk factors and determine the potential diseases and genetic disorders

·         Consuming multivitamin as per recommendation of doctor or healthcare expert before and for the duration of pregnancy

·         Maintaining a healthy weight that is vital for good pregnancy

·         Take medications and any kind of treatment in the observation of doctors and experts with regular check-ups and vital tests

·         Follow all the essential steps and take care of medical conditions before pregnancy

·         Avoid and don’t use alcohol or alcoholic drinks and illegal drugs

·         Preventing infections and avoid known harmful agents carefully

·         Is It Necessary to Consult with Gynecologist or Healthcare Professional Before/During Pregnancy

Whether you are planning to become pregnant, early in pregnancy or carrying a pregnancy, it is important to keep in touch with professional gynecologist or healthcare professional. They guide you at every step along with ensuring genetic testing to let you determine the potential risk of more than 300 genetic disorders and disease and proper care as well as treatment to get rid of them to ensure a healthy baby. Before and during pregnancy, they provide you advice about diet and exercise from your health care professionals; while you can also discuss whether you have any factors that may increase the risk of having a child with a birth defect.

Birth Defects – Is It Something More than Genetic Disorders

Chances of birth defects may increase in various other cases like pregnancy in older age. Some other reasons include:

·         A family or personal history of genetic disorders and birth defects

·         A child in family with the same parent with a birth defect earlier

·         Using certain medicines around the time to become pregnant and having a medical condition like obesity or diabetes

·         Using alcoholic drinks or recreational drugs for the duration of pregnancy

In case of family history or risk factors of genetic disorders, doctors may recommend genetic tests and genetic mapping or CarrierMap screening to help in reducing the risk factor to a great level.

Use of Multivitamin Supplements

Adding multivitamin supplements before and during pregnancy is important to ensure a healthy baby and of course good health of mother too. Vitamin A, C, D and Folic Acid as well as iron and similar other supplements are recommended to consume daily through various foods and medicines.

Avoid Taking certain Medicines to Reduce to Chances of Birth Defects to a Great Level

You should consult with doctors before taking any kind of over-the-counter drugs, pain relievers, laxatives, cold or allergy remedies, skin care products or any kind of other products and medicines before and during pregnancy.

There is a lot more to know. For this, you need to schedule an appointment at the right centre for genetic screening and testing to avoid the risk of any disease and birth defect.

Summary: Genetic screening and testing is the best way of knowing about the potential birth defects and determine the risk of passing more than 300 genetic diseases. There are also some essential points to follow that will help you in ensuring good health of baby.