The effectiveness and durability of SMS Marketing

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Advertising is very important when it comes to the success of any given company, service provider or product. Advertising developed alongside technology and has now taken on a high-tech form taking advantage of the platforms and applications available as well as social media and other websites to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. As simple billboards, newspaper images and an occasional jingle evolved into digital advertising having a successful advertising campaign became a more intricate process. This process includes a variety of advertising forms such as google ads, Internet banners and text message advertising.

Text message advertising began when mobile phones first became popular in the mid-1990s, at that time SMS text advertising was the only mobile marketing option available to businesses and even more than two decades later SMS marketing still remains a favourite among most companies who use it to get their message heard, generate engagement and build relationships with their customers.

The fact that sms marketing campaigns have maintained there popularity even with the development of numerous marketing platforms and strategies is simply because of its reach, simplicity, and cost.

This can be further explained by the fact that sms marketing campaigns can reach a vast target audience; 98% of the population has access to a mobile device that can receive text message advertising.

SMS marketing campaigns are the easiest to put together, all you need is an articulate person who can create a message that gets to the point while best summarizing what you have to say or offer, no technical knowledge or design skills to send an SMS. There are only two things businesses need to get started with text message advertising, these are access to a bulk text messaging platform and a database of customers to advertise to. The former can be achieved simply by subscribing to a platform provider to conduct your text messaging campaign, the latter is also quite simple as a service provider can supply you with sign up tools which will create a client list, for example by offering a sign up discount.

Furthermore, organizing SMS marketing campaigns can cost a fraction of any other advertising campaigns with the cost being a few cents per text per recipient.

Another reason for its effectiveness is that text message advertising is a permission-based activity. Customers have to opt into a business´s text message advertising service before they can receive a marketing text message. This means that, whenever a business launches a text message marketing campaign, it is being directed towards customers already interested in the service or product the company provides. May he or she be a returning customer or a potential one.

Another reason that using this form of marketing is effective is because, despite the emergence of social media marketing and inbound marketing, text advertising continues to perform better than others is because while not all facebook and tweets are read people rarely ignore a text message. The majority of SMS text messages are opened and read within three minutes of delivery.