Know the Types and Functions of Various Dredging Machines

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Dredging vessels or dredgers are used to remove or redistribute materials submerged under water. A dredge that is the major equipment that is used for dredging is fixed on each of these vessels. All the movements of this machine are powered by the use of hydraulics. The reason for dredging mean managing waterways for commercial purposes like extracting materials in building and other purposes. However, no matter the type of use a dredger will be put to, there is always a dredge for charter out there. Dredging is the process of removing silt and dirt from the sea floor. In order to effectively dredge an area a piece of equipment called a dredger is required. Potential effects of dredging on the marine environment include the dredging and disposal process.

Types of Dredger:-

We are providing different types of dredgers and each of them is specially designed for a particular purpose. Some dredgers can also be used for harvesting fish and other sea creatures. We specially designed them for a specific purpose and that can harvest a large amount of seafood at a short time. Our Land Reclamation Dredger creates the future such as industrial sites, residential areas, airports, artificial islands, etc. It is at the cradle of economic development. It is considerable distances to create a new land for infrastructure or industrial purposes comprise large amounts of sea sand transported over.


Sand is dredged from the sea or in harbors and given a new destination to create new land for residential, recreational or industrial purposes. It is one of the main areas of interest for the dredging industry but, the purpose of land reclamation is dual. In order to protect these coasts and shores against erosion and the advancing water, sand is reclaimed. Climate is changing and we can no longer ignore it. Rising sea levels are a threat to our coasts.

Moreover, we recommended you for Cutter Suction Dredger that features a suction tube with a cutting head. Generally it is used to dig out rock instead of blasting it. The dredged soil is drawn by using a pump that is transferred from the dredger into a dredging barge through a pipe. It equipped with a rotating cutter head, for cutting and fragmenting hard soils. The soil sucked up with the help of dredge pumps then discharged through a floating pipeline. Sometimes by discharging into split hopper barges, the materials are tied up with apace. These split hopper barges unload the soil at the deposit area.

Maintenance dredging requires a lot of knowledge about the dynamics of a waterway. It isĀ  even more experience with how to deal with tides, currents, flood channels, bars, bends, and the various nature of suspended material. We carried out with respect for the environment, by reducing overflow and limiting turbidity. Moreover, Channel Destining Dredger supports the natural processes and uses the river dynamics for keeping the gateways open. Sophisticated software and automation onboard vessels can also secure increased performance and optimized monitoring.

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