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search  engine optimization seo is the abbreviation of the english description is to use some technics to make your website in the top places in Search Engine when somebody is using Search Engine to find something, translated into chinese and is search engine optimization, generally referred to as the search optimization. Search knowledge related there Search sngine Positioning  Search engine ranking. The main work of seo is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the web page, how to index and how to determine their impact on a particular keyword search results ranking and other technologies related to the optimization of web pages to make it to improve search engine ranking to improve site traffic, and enhance the site's ability to sell or promote the technical ability. Abroad, seo carried out earlier, those who specialize in seo, google technical staff is called Search Engine Optimizers, referred to as seo. Because Google is the world's largest search engine provider, Google has become the world's major research on seo, as, for Google lawsuit side has a website dedicated description seo, and that the attitude of  google on seo. seo itself is the study of the emergence of the first search to find vulnerabilities with dack extradition over technological development, some people have found this mechanism can influence the search ranking issue, and in the world's top search engine google and the rapid development of mechanisms for continuously updated ranking algorithm cases, seo techniques and team are the rapid development and expansion in recent years, people accepted seo techniques and also on a growing importance. Seo    is divided into stations and stations outside the off-site seo  said outside the station from the site into a search engine technology, named from an external site on the blog in search engine rankings impact of these external factors are beyond the blogger control. the most useful of the most powerful factor is the reverse external site links. that we say that the external links. There is no doubt included the link to a site into the search engine results page to play an important role. In short, each links to your blog sites, search engines have been seen as vote confidence in your site a vote. Ideally, the best backlinks from sites with links to high quality and ranking. They than through Related key words linked to related topics you write a link with better results. But you can not oblige others to link to your blog, you did just imagine. station just ****yzed seo search engine technology from the site I will turn the attention of er factors, when you can build BLOG use of the time. (professional search engine technology when you do these things on the BLOG when the BLOG will help you build a higher rank)