Three Key Benefits to Solve Mind Blowing Puzzle problems

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Why to solve puzzles, this is a burning question which repeatedly comes to my mind as and when I try to solve a puzzle. In this article I tried to define “what is a puzzle” and what are the three key benefits of solving puzzles.

So let’s first understand what is a puzzle - “Puzzles are a special sort of problems that have a known unique solution, whereas most other problems do not.” Now come to second part on its advantages, one key take away is obvious “Solving puzzles is a mental exercise, which improves the capacity of reasoning and logic while being a lot of fun at the same time.” But we are looking more constructive and here are my three takeaway -

  1. Helps in Defining a Goal: Puzzles offer a complete problem solving experience from defining the goal, to determining the characteristics of the given, and finally arriving at the desired solution. By observing others and we solve puzzles, we can improve our creative problem solving skills. 
  2. Improves Problem Solving Skills beyond Puzzling: Puzzling or solving puzzles is all about repeatedly practicing problem solving.  There are a few problem solving workarounds to roadblocks discovered while puzzling, these can be effectively applied to problem solving in general.
  3. Keeps you mentally active and fit: Puzzling is all about mental exercise of finding unique solution as every puzzle is in general unique, have a unique solution and a unique way to solve it, regardless of the nature of the puzzle. Though it stresses a bit but lot of studies suggest that puzzling helps to keep a person mentally fit and active despite sounding as counter intuitive.

Other than above key benefits I tried to compile some Silent Benefit of Puzzle solving and here are the ones - 

  • Improved word power and vocabulary
  • Painless spelling practice (in case of spell puzzles)
  • A great way to learn language (English or other language)
  • An enjoyable, low-stress option for people with dyslexia
  • An appealing learning method for a range of learning styles
  • The appeal of a solvable problem in a complicated life
  • Practice for your pattern recognition skills.
  • An easy, fun activity for all ages to do together
  • Improves overall excitement of people

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