Vintage Shopping in Kuala Lumpur

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Are you a lover of Vintage things? Kuala Lumpur is the perfect place to shop for your desired vintage stuff. Bundles of apparel shops to stores offering antique furniture and collectibles, fulfill craving for your old-school shopping at these top vintage shops in KL.

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Check out these shops once you visit Kuala Lumpur:

1.      Bongkar- It’s a vintage store existing since the late ‘90s. The store focuses almost exclusively on men’s vintage; however there’s a rotating mix of women’s bags and shoes as well. You'll find some pieces with real historic value, and if you're lucky some authentic branded vintage.

2.      Family Bundle- Rows after rows after rows of corduroys and flannels; denim jackets and dresses in every possible pattern and print; jeans, leather jackets, pants, shirts, T-shirts and windbreakers. You will love this store for its RM5 price tags as well as its changing rooms.

3.      Buntil- Buntil (Malay word for bundle) is one of the longest running vintage shops since late '80s, the shop serves up a whittled down selection of genuine vintage items like leather bags, smart and casual shoes, blazer jackets, plaid pants, denim and other accessories.

4.      The Curiousity Shop- The under-the-radar vintage furniture shop that brims with old-fashioned charm. The store was born out of the love for vintage and the owner’s hobby of collecting vintage items. Inside the showrooms are packed with old furniture, art décor, framed vintage advertisements and posters, and heaps of knick-knacks.

5.      Vintage Moonriver- They sell branded vintage fashion and travel apparel imported from Japan, USA and Australia. You’ll be like a kid in a candy store searching for that piece of sweet. Items can be scooped up for laughable prices or at more conventional value.


Have a Happy Shopping!