What Are The Future Predictions Of Cloud Computing?

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From past few decades, cloud computing technology has seen an incredible growth in the IT sector. In us more than 80% of the businesses have their IT service on the cloud and 63% of businesses are planning to shift entire service on the cloud by end of this year.

This ****ysis will prove that how cloud computing technology improves scalability, capacity and efficiency of any company. So it’s more vital to add extra benefits and new developments in this technology by adapting new predictions in the future in order to explore more service in the cloud.

Here we shall discuss briefly how cloud technology transforms in the future.

  1. Adapting Hybrid Technology in Cloud

 This is one of the surprising expansions of the cloud technology in the 2016. By adapting hybrid technology in the cloud, it integrates IT service that make use of both private and public cloud. This can perform exclusive operations such as handling personal data and securing operations in the private cloud. And the public cloud is mainly used for ****yzing big data and for the services which need scalability. This prediction made more than 82% of businesses is planning to have a hybrid cloud technology.

  1. Cloud Have Space For Developing App’s

Most of the new developers are planning to jump into the cloud. Now not only huge data, even software’s will roam around the cloud by end of 2016. The new App technology for the cloud is becoming more popular than the apps for mobile phones and tablets. In next few months most of the softwares are developed to use in the cloud and updates will take place for existing softwares. According to IBM’s estimation more than 48 million app will be available on the cloud by end of this year.

  1. New Challenge of the “Internet Of Things”

The IOT technology has become viral from few years. This explosion made cloud technology to bring together people, process and things together to make networked connection more reliable than ever before.

IOT – This is one of the smart devices that collect and exchange data in our daily lives through internet i.e. turning information into action. To process this data in cloud, new applications need to be developed to ****yze the data and network that can allow all the different devices to communicate effectively.

  1. Innovation in the Big Data

In 2016 most of the enterprise will continue to evolve big data innovatively in their business. So instead of handling complex big data tool, enterprises are planning to look for service providers to handle the major issues that underlying big tools and infrastructure. Moreover this approach not only reduces complexity in the enterprise, it will also provide better performance and allows enterprises to deal with the reliable big data insights.

  1. Effective Performance

While dealing with the cloud technology, performance matters a lot. In future, cloud performance will become critical, it will require high-performance infrastructure to enable efficient data processing and efficiency in the real time. It may also demand for highly responsive and effective infrastructure to successfully derive value from IOT devices.

In future cloud technology may create business-level automation and manage system by executing polices in support of the business. So these predictions may be the future of cloud computing in upcoming years.

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