Why Green Juices Are Essential For Your Body Health

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From the bosom of Nature, you could obtain various vibrant-colored fruits and vegetables, which are said to be extremely imperative from the human health point of view. These naturally obtained diet elements are home to some invigorating health elements that, though needed in trace, have their own specific roles in the human body.

Among all the colors of nature, green occupies the foremost and a special place in the diet of human beings. It is the natural color which is obtained from most of the sources and thus holds an extreme importance for the functioning of human body.

But as the human beings are inclined more towards juicing those healthy fruits and veggies, you could obtain the natural green color of your diet from these natural juices too. Here, we would inform you about the nutritional value that these green colored veggies and their juices provide to the human body.


The green color in fruits and veggies is attributed to the presence of chlorophyll in them, which is an immensely helpful body detoxifier. While you consume these green juices, the chlorophyll in it helps in eliminating the environmental pollutants such as heavy metals, dust, microbes and dioxin from the body.

Chlorophyll is also helpful in enhancing the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, while it helps in balancing the body pH too by reducing the acid content in the human body. In addition, it could also assist in balancing the level of hormones and preventing formation of kidney stones.


The green colored natural juices could provide you almost whole of your daily recommended requirement of fibers in a stipulated single intake. These natural fibers are immensely important in maintaining the functionality of digestive system, prevention of constipation and they also assist in reduction of body weight of the humans.


Green Juices have a good content of antioxidants too in them. These antioxidants offer an anti-ageing effect to the human body by suppressing the attack of harmful free radicals.

 These free radicals have cell-scavenging properties by which they damage the cells of the human body, thus bringing about changes on the external skin in the form of wrinkles and spots etc. Free radicals may also offer a considerable amount of harm to the human nerves and heart.

Sources Of Green Color In Diet:

You would be well acquainted of this concept since your childhood, as green-colored veggies are the ones that are hated most by the younger generation.

However, you could obtain the natural green color from some healthy juice sources such as spinach juice, celery juice, cucumber juice, bitter gourd juice and parsley juice etc.

Among herbs, organic Wheatgrass juice is also one of the most efficient ways to load your body with effective chlorophyll and imperative dietary fibers.

Apart from all the aforementioned nutrients, these green colored sources are also rich in imperative vitamins and minerals, which could be obtained most easily while you take them as a whole of in their liquid (juice) form.