World of washing machines: Things to keep in mind while doing your laundry in the machine

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The world of washing machines can be a little scary when you’re out to pick one. But, once you zero in on the washing machine that is best suited to your needs, it gets fairly easy. You simply have to add your clothes to the machine along with water and an appropriate detergent. Right? Well, for most part. But, if you’re a stickler for making sure your clothes are squeaky clean and last you well, all while ensuring that the machine works optimally, you should bear in mind some pointers.


To help you navigate the world of washing machines with ease, here are our top 5 tips.


This first tip is probably the most important when it comes to the world of washing machines—never crowd your machine with too many clothes! It may seem like you’re saving time and getting more laundry done, but overcrowding doesn’t allow the detergent and water to move as freely as it needs to between the clothes, which means your clothes aren’t clean as they should be.


Clean your machine regularly. Otherwise, you’ll be adding to the dirt instead of taking it all away!


Here’s a secret about the world of washing machines that no one has probably let you in on. If you want to dry your clothes in a jiffy, simply toss a dry towel into your dryer along with the wet clothes to speed up the process.


Lastly, always sort your clothes by colour and fabric before you toss them into the machine and remember to wash your delicates only after sealing them in a special laundry bag first. This stops them from getting entangled and losing their shape.